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15 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Food & Dining, Festivals & Fairs)
Where:Deli, 357 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30312
ATL D&D Presents: System Shock - a monthly meetup to learn, present, and try different RPG systems! Let's face it - it's hard to pick up a new RPG. It's difficult to find players even for the most popular tabletop games - much less something new or obscure. Yet hundreds of table top role-playing games are published every year - thousands of worlds and stories to explore. If you're like us you can't help but be drawn in by new ideas, systems, lore, and rules. If only you could find a group of brave souls who willing to dive into the strange and arcane systems of your darkest collection... Enter: System Shock This month we will be presenting: Vampire the Masquerade Step into a World of Darkness, Kindred, as we explore morality, depravity, and horror in a hidden world that runs on blood. As always, the event is completely beginner-friendly, and we will provide everything you need to start playing right away. We hope you'll come join us and learn a new system this month at System Shock!
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