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06 - Jun
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Where:Address Will Be Provided After Registration, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Welcome to  E.P.I.C. Estate Investing FREE Workshop... Whether you are a beginner or real estate pro, our real estate community of like minded people welcomes you. Would you like to meet like minded real estate investors in person to grow your professional network for long lasting relationships? Discover How To Be Consistently Profitable In Real Estate Investing... Even If You're A Beginner!! We are a group of real estate investors from meet in person weekly. We realized creating success in real estate Alone is hard so we created real estate community where we meet every week, discusses challenges, partner up in deals, mastermind and most importantly create long lasting relationships. With us, you will never feel lonely as everyone is eager to help you to empower you as a team member. TEAM= Together Everyone Achieve More We consider ourselves students for LIFE. LIFE= Learning Is For Ever. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you registered for the event, we will send you the place of meeting with link to directions via email and or text message. If you're serious about earning more money in real estate... unlocking financial freedom... and making REAL money... there's only one real option... Learning how to Profitable Invest in Real Estate with a Proven System. You will discover real estate strategies who we use every day and show you how to become a consistently profitable Real Estate Investor. Why invest in Real Estate? More millionaires have been created in real estate than any other asset class Use the tax code writeoffs that real estate offers Gain Financial freedom with proven strategies Suitable for anyone that wants to take financial control of their future We are here to support to achieve your financial dreams Who should attend? Those wishing to break the shackles of a W2 JOB Those wishing to create their own schedules and spend more time with your family New to Real Estate? Learn the basics to gain confidence in Real Estate Investing Experienced investor that
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