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12 - Jun
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Where:ATLANTA TRAINING CAMPUS, 6251 Smithpointe Dr., Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States
Jennine M. Hunter        "Understanding the Life of a Mortgage Loan" What exactly happens throughout the life of a mortgage loan? A mortgage loan comes to life when a homebuyer decides to purchase a home with a secured loan or a homeowner decides to refinance their current mortgage. A number of processes and steps are involved such as disclosures, loan application processing and consideration, the closing process, post-closing, servicing and repayment. Knowing the life cycle of a mortgage will help you educate your customers and clients what to prepared for loan application processing to approval and what's to come when you start paying off your mortgage.From loan application to loan pay off there are many moving parts to understand.Let's have a dialog. 3 Hour CE In-Class Continuing Education Course | My CE Class LLC #5914    
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