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12 - Jun
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Where:ATLANTA TRAINING CAMPUS, 6251 Smithpointe Dr., Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States
Bob Nolan                           Learn how your Real Estate Business Can Work For You and Make MORE MONEY!Creating a Successful Plan for Your Successful Business 3 Hour CE Credits   This CE class will provide you Best Practices for the purpose of setting your real estate business up as "a business". The course provides guidelines for creating a Financial Structure that includes Benefits to Incorporating their business, creating separate business accounts to include a Business Account, a Business Expense Account, (with a Budget), a Tax Account, a Personal Bank Account, an Investment Account, a Retirement Account, Long Term Savings Account, Professional Real Estate Education Fund Account, a Gift Account. Additionally, the class covers standard self-employment needs, such as the need for proper insurance - Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and Health Insurance, and the importance of having great business vendors like a CPA with Real Estate Knowledge for solid tax planning, a lawyer with real estate and small business knowledge, and a Financial and Estate Planning Advisor to help you plan for today, tomorrow and years to come. Disclosure: This CE course is approved by GREC to meet the required 3 of the 36 continuing education hours on the topic of License Law when renewing your license.                                            My CE Class, LLC #5914 |Expires 12/31/20 | Instructor: Cathy McDaniel3 Hour In-Class Course | Continuing Education | 404-550-0775   
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