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Where:ATLANTA TRAINING CAMPUS, 6251 Smithpointe Dr., Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States
Georgia Law - Agency in Real Estate The Georgia Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transaction Act (BRRETA) Agency relationships in real estate used to be simple. A true "agent" as designated by a written agency agreement, has certain additional duties legally required and for which the agent can be held liable if violated or not performed as required.  BRRETA applies to any real estate broker or affiliated licensee providing a real estate brokerage service in the State of Georgia. Thus, it applies in virtually any situation in which a licensee acts in the normal course of providing real estate brokerage services.  Let's review:  Do you represent buyers, sellers or both? What services are provided to (or excluded from) me, based on my status as a buyer-customer or buyer-client? When does representation begin? When does it conclude? Brokers and agency - Appointment of agent Brokerage relationships - Designated Agency, Dual Agency, Transaction Broker Scope of authority, loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, account, reasonable care Consumer engagement When is disclosure required Customer vs client Agents who own rental property Agents selling their own property Inactive agents acting as principles Conflicted agent practices Over many years, common and statutory laws have evolved as regards agency and fiduciary responsibilities. As real estate representation evolves, there are new court cases every year in many states that add to the expectations of our clients and courts.   Hour In Class | Continuing Education CourseMy CE Class, LLC #2914 | | [email protected]      
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