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05 - Jun
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Where:ATLANTA TRAINING CAMPUS, 6251 Smithpointe Dr., Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States
Jennine Hunter    Branding YOU Strategies!Prospecting Today  3 Hour CE Class  Let's prepare for a great 2019! Prospecting Today By Means of Strategic Branding - The Word "Selling" Turn People Off • The Goal of Branding and Prospecting• Marketing vs. Selling• Overview of Branding Identity• Niche Market Prospecting• How to Establish a Niche Market• Market Segmentation to the Right People with the Right Message• Preparing a Prospecting Script - Sell yourself• How do you build and strengthen connections with sellers and buyers Strategic Prospecting: a process designed to Identify, qualify, and prioritize sales opportunities, whether they represent potential new customers or opportunities to generate additional business from existing customers.The goal of prospecting is to create interest and convert that interest into a conversation that leads to action. When prospecting you will find people who are already in the "desire phase" or "action phase" and in the process of exploring home selling and buying, however this approach in prospecting never pans out. Prospecting today is all about capturing attention, stimulate interest and desire.    My CE Class, LLC #5914 | 3 Hour In Class | Continuing Education Course  
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