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21 - Nov
(Nearby Event: Business)
Where:Maximum One Realty, 313 Jonesboro Road, McDonough, Georgia, United States, 30253
Cathy McDaniel    Professional Handling Client Concerns and Objections 3 Hours CE Credit All real estate transactions are extremely stressful for the seller, the buyer and can be stressful for agents. We have to manage the transaction form the time of listing or buyer signing all the way thorugh the closing.  During that time issues come up that are very typical concerns of our cleints. Let's learn six easy steps to respond to clients and answer questions like: "Am I pricing my house too low?" "Won't you do it for a lwer commission?" "That is too long a time for a listing period." "Let's make the lowest offer possible." "I don't wnat a yard sign." "My friend's cousin sold thier house in Ohio for much more than than." "I don't think I need a real estate agent.", and more.   The three ways we can respond to these concers are:   We can be aggressive. We can cave in. We can politely address the concern by educating our client on what is true and correct. This class will teach you how to win more cleints and how to handle the toughest objections. Mindset and a formula for success will be discussed.  By the time you leave this class you will be more confident to handle difficult situations that arise in this business every day.   Cathy McDaniel 404-550-0775 [email protected]  
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