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14 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Business)
Where:Riverwalk Trace by Rockhaven Homes, 7475 Rivertown Road, Fairburn, Georgia, United States
Branding Yourself Without SellingSocial Media Focus Marketing without branding will affect your business success! We all invest money in our business model because we need exposure that increases sales. Keep in mind that marketing is how people find you. Branding is why people hire you. Sales is the result of your branding and is the reason someone uses your services instead of the other agent. This platform brings forth referrals that can change your business presence in the community over night! Let's discuss: Building up your "community presence" to improve your marketing and business development efforts Tapping into your network to get quick traction of prospecting Design your business with a face and a real name Join communities and have a presence in the right circles Leverage social media to provide your audience with value Impression management Add offline community efforts to participate around your service area We live in a world where social media has become an extension of our identity, for better and for worse. How we curate ourselves online can have a direct impact on the opportunities that find us, the influence we exert, and how we are perceived by others. Click here to preview Riverwalk Trace.    Krissten Dentler | 407-951-0126 3 Hour CE In-Class Continuing Education Course | My CE Class LLC #5914 | Cathy McDaniel Text:  404-550-0775 | [email protected] 
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