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09 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Education)
Where:Waller's Coffee Shop, 240 Dekalb Industrial Way, Decatur, Georgia, United States
Come join us for the celebration of the Return of Hemp with live hemp building demos, examples and samples of eco-friendly products, speakers, vendors and live music.Also featuring hemp hay rides at 3:33 and 4:44 to the hemp plastered earth house and the conversation about hemp and other bioremediators to clean up coal ash ponds and create mop crop barriers to keep our water supply clean. YES that was a run on sentence and YES this sounds AWESOME, but you being there will make this event even better.This is also a fundraiser to implement a GA Phytoremediation Program (aka The Sunflower Project) and write a proposal with the Sierra Club to GA Power to research hemp phytoremediation with a local University (or 2) at 1 (or more) of their Coal Ash Pond sites. We are TIRED of the toxic dumps in our Water and Landfills. There is a better way. WE can plant hemp, Sunflowers, Poplar Trees, mushroom barriers..... so many possibilities! Expect to learn more than you expected about the WONDERS of the hemp plant and just why it is absolutely incredibly SO amazing that it has returned into the hands of Americans again to create a healthier ecosystem. YES that's right! ECo-friendly products, Carbon Sequestion, and soil remediation are just a FEW of the many ways CANNABIS HEMP helps us. We are just asking for a $5 donation towards the fundraiser and overhead of the event. And this will get you 2 raffle tickets! But still - this is OPTIONAL - no one turned away - though outside admission only IF we get filled to 75 MAX capacity. - Get there early to assure your spot! ONE raffle ticket gets you priority seating on the HEMP HAY ride you sign up for (at 3:33 and 4:44!) ALSO we need 8 Good VOLUNTEERS Please sign up to help set up, breakdown, take a two hour shift at the greeting table, or take pictures. We appreciate this help SO very much.questions? Email us at [email protected] this is a fundraiser and there is an overhead with venue fees and poster/flier printing we p
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