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23 - Feb
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Where:Red Light Café, 553-1 Amsterdam Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30306
The Naked Hustle Show Presents BURLY-OKE!!!

The Naked Hustle Show presents a monthly revue unlike any other. Take your average karaoke show, add a glittery live burlesque performer, and VOILA … you have BURLY-OKE! How does it work, you say? Round 1: Performers Choice - Burlesque performers choose the song, YOU submit to sing it.- SINGER NAME gets drawn out of a hat and said person has the honor of singing the tune while a BURLESQUE PERFORMER joins them on stage to present a prepared act. Round 2: Wild Card — Submit to sing your favorite tune. — SINGER/SONG ENTRY and a PERFORMER name are drawn. Said BURLESQUE PERFORMER must perform an IMPROVISED act as person sings! Join our latest cast of BURLY-OKE at this burlesque event that lets you be a star of the show! Featuring Acquiescence, Gotdamn Lola, Rewop B, Stormie Weathers, Papadook the Poet, La Reina, Mother May I, Aphrodite Blaze, and a few other surprise performers! Interested in performing at Burly-oke? Send an email to [email protected]
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