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12 - Sep
(Nearby Event: Education)
Where:301 Eva Davis Way SE, 301 Eva Davis Way Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Calling ALL Drew Dads, Granddads, Uncles, Male Role Models !!!!! Have breakfast with your kids at 8 am at the EA Cafeteria Sept 12th (PreK - 2nd Grade) Sept 19th (3rd - 5th Grades) $5 per person* (Adult and kids) includes : (1) Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscut and Juice or Coffee Limited Capacity - Guarenteed Sell Out Once you Order your Breakfast tickets, you will receive a Confirmation Email. *** PLEASE REPLY back to the Confirmation Email with the following infomation: **** 1) First and Last Name of each Kid attending 2) Grade of each Kid 3) Homeroom Teacher of each Kid .
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