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11 - Jun
(Nearby Event: Business)
Where:Atlanta Botanical Garden, 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30309
Becoming A True Agile Leader™ - First Steps Who This Class Is For: Anyone who desires to lead others in order to accomplish more with a team than they can alone. You will identify with Agile Leadership if you: trust and care for those you lead, want to inspire with a dream and a common purpose, and believe that motivation comes from within. Description: Traditional leadership practices are outdated and ineffective in today's workplace. With the introduction of the internet, email, and smart phones, business has changed; but the principles and practices taught in business schools across the country have remained the same. As a result, leaders and organizations who refuse to evolve are finding themselves trying to ineffectively engage a disengaged workforce. Since the early 2000s, Agile methods have transformed how the world develops software; now those same values and principles can make you a better leader! Packed with practical approaches and techniques to become inclusive, democratic, and more open to ideas and innovations, you'll leave this class with a completely changed perspective on your role as a leader. Learning Objectives: As a student of True Agile Leadership, I want to... List the foundational tenets of Agile, so that I can understand how the Agile movement has influenced leadership. Define what Agile leadership is, so that I can implement it with consistency and confidence. List the differences between power and influence, so that I can identify which one to use when. Demonstrate how to communicate effectively, so that I can be heard and understood by my team. Examine the differences of working with introverts and extroverts on my team, so that I can correctly assess my team members and understand them on a deeply personal level. List how to develop my team members and myself, so that we can continue to grow. Describe how to develop self-organizing and self-managing teams, so that I can free up my time to focus on more long-term and big-picture goal
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