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05 - Jun
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Where:Maximum One Realtor/Realty Partners - Atlanta(Airport), 1590 Phoenix Blvd , Suite 150, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
An Appraiser's Guide to CMA's by DS Murphy   * Free 3 Hr CE Credit *   This class will help you develop skills, provide you with new tools to do CMAs correctly and yield more accurate numbers. Agents are trapped in the middle between being a real estate agent and being an "appraiser". The standard tools and methods to complete a CMA are not adequate to arrive at a meaningful suggested list price but if an agent goes too far they run the risk of acting as an appraiser. We will help you define that line so you are not at risk of disciplinary action by the board but still use appraisal techniques to improve your CMAs. An Appraiser's Guide to CMAs will assist you with finding the best comparables and most importantly making the correct adjustments. While there is no secret book of adjustments appraisers use, we will share with you general adjustment parameters and benchmarks to assist in you completing far more accurate CMAs for your clients. Instructor: Ryal Paul with DS Murphy Sponsor:  __________________________________________________________________________________________ Notice to Students: This class is hosted by Maximum One Realtor/Realty Partners. Students must be on time & stay through the entire course for CE credit. Students may only receive CE credit for any class once every 12 months. Maximum One Realty & the Georgia Real Estate Academy encourage all people to continue the growth of their businesses through education. In such spirit, Maximum One Realty & the Georgia Real Estate Academy offer numerous opportunities each month for increased awareness through training. Please visit to sign up for additional free CE Classes.   Ref: mx1train456 All agents are encouraged to attend, regardless of brokerage or affiliation.
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